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I am an accomplished effervescent marketing strategist dedicated to optimizing growth strategies through equitable approaches.

My expertise has allowed me to work with talented multi-hyphe creatives, inspired healers, galvanizing social startups, and visionary Fortune 500 teams across the B2B + B2C SaaS spaces.

Human to human

Going Deeper

As a person with a Type 2 Enneagram profile (the Helper) and a Human Design profile of Manifestor, it’s a baseline of my being to thoughtfully and effectively move concepts into action and nurture those actions into measurable results.

My leadership style is heavily informed by connection and supported by my certified coaching background.

Relevant Experience

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Consultant 2022-2023

A thorough audit and research was conducted to identify the internal teams that drive app registration, gaps in customer experience, and opportunities to improve.

This led to the development of a customer onboarding strategy for My Business App based on user data analytics, website content review, and best practices.

Growth Strategist

Marketing Strategist

Accelity Marketing Agency

FTE 2022

Developed and executed innovative marketing strategies for established small businesses and enterprise-level clients with a combined book of business of $100MM+.

One of my favorite strategies to date, is a GTM campaign I designed for a HealthTech client in Denver. You can see my work here.

Marketing Operations & Content Manager

Horizon Discovery

FTE 2018

I managed a cross-functional international marketing team through a record-breaking

9-month rebrand, streamlining work processes and eliminating redundancies.

My efforts and innovations generated a 32% increase to department productivity.

Relevant Experiences

Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Brown Girl Theory, 2013-Now

Founder of marketing strategy company developing custom strategies for private clients.

Facilitating full-scale training, coaching, for under-resourced businesses covering the core competencies of:

  • Business Growth Planning
  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing
  • Marketing + Business Psychology
  • Internal Process and Procedures

Marketing Consultant

TwinFlame Productions 2019-2020

I developed a Go-To-Market strategy including omnichannel brand awareness campaigns, and social + communal activations culminating in a fashion show- for this brand's launch.

Marketing Strategist

Accelity Marketing Agency, 2022

Developed and executed innovative marketing strategies for established small businesses and enterprise-level clients with a combined book of business of $100MM+.

One of my favorite strategies to date, is a GTM campaign I designed for a HealthTech client in Denver. You can see my work here.

Demand Generation & Marketing Specialist,

Equifax, 2011-2018

Drove over $887M+ in cross-vertical new and re-opened opportunities through optimized lead scoring and evergreen funnels, using multi-channel targeting including email nurture sequences and ABM strategies.

Created an award-winning sales pipeline reporting suite, including a custom-built ABM dashboard that served as the basis for weekly leadership meetings.

Additional Projects

Brown Girl Theory, LLC - Present Day

I believe in seeing people fully. That includes the richness of our identities, the breadth and depth of our stories, and the beauty of our cultures.

I work with creative and tech-focused entrepreneurs to amplify their voice, nurture a Focused Founder perspective to build a business that authentically represents who they are.

What does that look ln practice?

I'm actively building and preparing to launch an app (end of Spring 2023) that provides scaled marketing mentorship, a library of digital marketing SOPs, and templates for business success based on the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) framework.

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Certifications, & Awards,

Hubspot academy

Spring 2022

Earned three separate certifications:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Naropa University

Contemplative Psychology, 2018

Completed courses in Social Psychology, Contemplative Psychology, Diversity Seminar, and Dynamics of Intimate Relationships.

Innovation Award RECIPIENT

Naropa University, 2019

I won an award for co-hosting and teaching "Bring Your Contemplative Practice Online", on the university campus. It was a multi-day workshop covering digital marketing basics including marketing funnels and automations, website hosting, SEO, meta data, branding basics, blogging and more.

Loveology University

Spring 2019 - Studied under Dr. Ava Cadell

Relationship Coach Certification Includes:

  • Sex, Love & Intimacy
  • LGBTQ+ Relationships
  • Communication

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

November 2013

Holistic Health Coach Certification Includes:

  • Health & Wellness Coach
  • Life and Lifestyle Coach

Skills & Proficiencies

Marketing Technology

CRM + CMS Databases

HubSpot, SalesLogix, Salesforce, Kajabi,

Email Platforms

Mailchimp, Convertkit, Drip, Eloqua, Marketo,

Project Management

ClickUp, Basecamp, Trello,

Additional Zones of genius

Nurture Campaigns

Behavioral based sequences, segmentations

Funnel optimization

Audits, persona management, content strategy

Paid, Omnichannel, and Lifecycle

Attract, nurture, convert, retain and delight through paid and earned content channels.

Favorite Strategies

GTM Strategy for HealthTech Brand

During my tenure with the Accelity Marketing Agency, I had the honor of developing a full-scale go-to-market strategy for the Fortune 1000 B2B SaaS company who was looking to aggressively grow their pipeline and reduce deal-to-close timeframe.

The solution: optimize, educate, nurture, and convert.

Excerpt of Campaign brief

Sustainable fashion brand required guidance for their multi-brand launch.

Through blog posts, email campaigns, and social media activations, the multi-phase 16-week launch prioritized building name recognition by telling their brand story to designers and future shoppers.

*Due to NDA, only an excerpt version of their campaign brief is viewable.

Working in a Group

Re-engagement campaign

Client's Situation: There was a segment of the database categorized as closed/lost leads for various reasons. After reviewing, we determined there were many who simply weren't ready to move forward at that time. We would like to bring these leads back and drive conversion, through the campaign: "Now is the TIME".

A specific win that Whitney helped me professionally achieve was guiding me to want to make designs better for the sake of the client instead of just doing it for a paycheck.

Nate Panetti

Graphic Designer & Animator

Whenever we end a (strategy) session, I feel motivated and pumped to get started. I feel like I was given quality advice and leadership.

My specific win that you helped me accomplish was successfully launching my online (course) program and strategy workbook! - (Reclaim Yourself)

Whitney, you have a way of making people feel valued and heard.

Raya Llopis-Kinder

What others have said

Whitney is my go-to person for pitch deck strategies. She just helped structure my pitch deck for an $125k investment!

(I can't wait to present this!)

Whitney's brand strategy skills, and product ideation are by far her superpower!

Lucine Kaplan

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