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A Small Business &

Marketing Ops Training Brand

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Are You Or Someone You Know Experiencing Symptoms of

Small Business Distress?

  • Unpredictable sales
  • Lack of clarity causing a sense of chaos
  • Difficulties making decisions or delivering services on time/within budget
  • Increased team burnout
  • Lack of customer loyalty
  • Inconsistent quality / high # of returns
  • Inability to afford top-tier talent to sustainably grow your business
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What If I Told You

It's Not Your Fault?

Your Business Success

Has Very Little To Do With Your Intellect

Barely Anything To Do With Your Quality Of Skill Sets

Instead, It Has Everything To Do With Whether Or Not

You Understand The Business, Of Running A Small Business

Until You Do, You Will Struggle. You Will Work Harder Than Necessary. And You Will Burnout

But what If

There was a solution that...

  • Was like a "Robin Hood" of sorts that took the practical strategies and best practices of world-renowned Fortune 500 companies
  • Adds holistic personal development and mindset practices to strengthen all levels of leadership with tactile and soft skills
  • Translates topics into easy-to-understand concepts and examples
  • And had the audacity to include consultant-built project management templates pre-populated with strategic plans and workflows, so all from the new hire to the most distractible minds can maintain focus
  • Oh, And DID NOT cost $92K a quarter!?

What Fortune 100's Spend

(low end) Quarterly

service Professionals

Marketing Agency

Consultant Firm

Private Consultant*

Business & Leadership Coach

Holistic Life Coach

Executive Direct Hire










And that's not even including the rest of operational expenses

Proud Partner

The Brownprint

Is Coming Soon!

Brown Girl Theory's

Agency On-Demand Service

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The Brownprint Highlights

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Audio Training Experience

Experience the flexibility of streaming lessons across smart devices as you learn best practices and scalable strategies

*Written transcripts included

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Translate your learnings into real-time action plans with pre-populated steps in ClickUp

Build Your Strategies In Real Time

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Grow Your Team Faster. Sustainably.

Hire smart and sustainably by providing career paths to ambitious candidates ready for their next opportunity

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The Brownprint

The Brownprint is our subsidized "agency on-demand" retainer service combining done-for-you consulting elements such as:

  • business templates and SOPs (standard order of processes)
  • manuals
  • implementation kits

Alongside done-with-you audio training resources, live co-working sessions, workshops, and weekly strategy engagements.

Rounded out with additional do-it-yourself resources to help you continue achieving your goals quarter over quarter, and year over year.

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Be seen & accounted for

There is nothing like belonging

Our app is a place of knowledge, carefully selected to give power to those who have been ignored and marginalized in the past. We understand the unique struggles of those who've ever had to hide or alter aspects of their identity experience just to operate within spaces that weren't constructed with consideration for them.

From mixed abilities to gender identity, the ESL experience, to trauma-informed leadership, we are committed to dismantling barriers and providing you with the tools to flourish.

At Brown Girl Theory, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to establish their autonomy and financial security. We empower makers, innovators, and thinkers by teaching them how to build income from their interests in an approachable way.

The BrownprintTM retainer service provides users with brandable resources to use internally including operational SOPs, to help you establish consistent results. By doing so, we'll make a difference in the world by proliferating innovation and creating meaningful opportunities for our business accomplices to gain the know-how, confidence, and clarity to scale their missions.

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When we collaborate, we challenge the status quo, rewriting the narrative of success for Black, Brown, Indigenous, Persons of Color, formerly incarcerated, unhoused, survivors of trauma, LGBTQ+, and the vast community of neurodivergent small business owners.

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We view our business relationships as the elbow grease that helps shape the reality where your artistic brilliance thrives, your business flourishes, communities heal, and the wealth gap diminishes.

The Brownprint retainer service provides users with brandable resources to use internally including operational SOPs, to help you establish consistent results. By doing so, we'll make a difference in the world by proliferating innovation and creating meaningful opportunities for our business accomplices to gain the know-how, confidence, and clarity to scale their missions.

Side-by-side, we can redefine what it means to succeed.

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Shaping The Future Together

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The Brownprint is not just an app but a movement of empowerment and equity. It is a testament to our collective strength and determination to overcome the systemic barriers hindering the progress of all people.

About the


Throughout my career, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies and ambitious teams worldwide, providing coaching, consulting, and strategic marketing expertise.

My passion lies in being a catalyst for success, particularly for creative business partners navigating their entrepreneurial journey. Along the way, I witnessed (and experienced) the challenges that arise from limited connections, options, and resources, in addition to hindered access to top-tier talent capable and passionate about managing business and marketing operations.

Sprinting on this hamster wheel often lead me burnout and sense of defeat, especially as a DIY entrepreneur. I found many feeling the same and striving to learn, understand, and implement best practices haphazardly.

In response to these observations, I am thrilled to introduce Brown Girl Theory as a boutique business strategy brand and announce the launch of our product service app, The Brownprint. This innovative solution allows owners to have an "agency on-demand" experience without the hefty price tag.

I am committed to breaking down barriers and leveling the playing field, ensuring that anyone can establish autonomy through pursuing their passion and applying their talents...regardless.

Whitney Gaffari

Founder of Brown Girl Theory, Ltd

Career Profile

I am an accomplished effervescent marketing strategist dedicated to optimizing growth strategies through equitable approaches.

My expertise has allowed me to work with talented multi-hyphe creatives, inspired healers, galvanizing social startups, and visionary Fortune 500 teams across the B2B + B2C SaaS spaces.

Going Deeper

As a person with a Type 2 Enneagram profile (the Helper) and a Human Design profile of Manifestor, it’s a baseline of my being to thoughtfully and effectively move concepts into action and nurture those actions into measurable results.

My leadership style is heavily informed by connection and supported by my certified coaching background.

Skills & Proficiencies

Marketing Technology

CRM + CMS Databases

HubSpot, SalesLogix, Salesforce, Kajabi,

Email Platforms

Mailchimp, Convertkit, Drip, Eloqua, Marketo,

Project Management

ClickUp, Basecamp, Trello,

Additional Zones of genius

Nurture Campaigns

Behavioral based sequences, segmentations

Funnel optimization

Audits, persona management, content strategy

Paid, Omnichannel, and Lifecycle

Attract, nurture, convert, retain and delight through paid and earned content channels.

Favorite Strategies

GTM Strategy for HealthTech Brand

During my tenure with the Accelity Marketing Agency, I had the honor of developing a full-scale go-to-market strategy for the Fortune 1000 B2B SaaS company who was looking to aggressively grow their pipeline and reduce deal-to-close timeframe.

The solution: optimize, educate, nurture, and convert.

Excerpt of Campaign brief

Sustainable fashion brand required guidance for their multi-brand launch.

Through blog posts, email campaigns, and social media activations, the multi-phase 16-week launch prioritized building name recognition by telling their brand story to designers and future shoppers.

*Due to NDA, only an excerpt version of their campaign brief is viewable.

Working in a Group

Re-engagement campaign

Client's Situation: There was a segment of the database categorized as closed/lost leads for various reasons. After reviewing, we determined there were many who simply weren't ready to move forward at that time. We would like to bring these leads back and drive conversion, through the campaign: "Now is the TIME".

A specific win that Whitney helped me professionally achieve was guiding me to want to make designs better for the sake of the client instead of just doing it for a paycheck.

Nate Panetti

Graphic Designer & Animator

Whenever we end a (strategy) session, I feel motivated and pumped to get started. I feel like I was given quality advice and leadership.

My specific win that you helped me accomplish was successfully launching my online (course) program and strategy workbook! - (Reclaim Yourself)

Whitney, you have a way of making people feel valued and heard.

Raya Llopis-Kinder

What others have said

Whitney is my go-to person for pitch deck strategies. She just helped structure my pitch deck for an $125k investment!

(I can't wait to present this!)

Whitney's brand strategy skills, and product ideation are by far her superpower!

Lucine Kaplan


Let me answer them

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Wild Theory

A BGT Collaboration

Brown Girl Theory has teamed up with the talented Jay Begay owner of Jaylyn Begay Photography & WILD BBY Studio to offer an epic collaboration package designed to amplify and elevate Denver small businesses and beyond.

By alchemizing our decades of expertise in branding, marketing, business strategy, and brand photography, we are thrilled to offer a brand elevation experience package crafted to accomplish goals of revenue growth, increased awareness, loyalty, and retention through professional brand photography and personalized business assessment, and strategic action planning.

Pricing starts at $1,200 with payment plans available.

You deserve to be seen

You deserve to be heard

You deserve to be elevated

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Whitney Gaffari

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